Desitin anal fissures

I hope this helps someone. Can this be used on the vagina also, or just the rectum? He or she may also give you a physical exam, including a digital rectal exam. I then found some hypoallergenic wipes that are far superior. I finally made some progress on the constipation and now this fissure has made it do that I dread every BM and I find myself unconsciously holding back on going. I suffered from anal itch for years. My doctor said that I had a couple of fissures probably from a hard BM and the skin was raw.

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Anal Itch Relief!! My success and others!

Everything it said not to eat or drink I was doing it Wow… could it be that simple? I'm still using a cream and it helps. I never had the "razor blade" pain with this one, it was different. Since that time, the skin irritation and burning has gotten much worse. I know making your own cream sounds like a lot of work, but it's really not, and if you hate your anus itching possibly bothering you right now as much as I did, you won't mind the trouble.

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I was given Pepto Bismol in the hospital, but at home I take Imodium. Greetings, I have been having this same problem for a year and a half now. Should I use neosporin, diaper rash ointment, or something else on poison oak? One of the best doctors I have ever seen, and so compassionate. I have been trying everything:
I tried many things like hydrocortisone, monistat, witch hazel wipes, fresh aloe vera which irritated it further , epsom salt baths which helped only while in the bath until I came across turmeric. It's going to BURN for about seconds. I have read the first twenty replies and have had one or more of the same symptoms plus one that nobody has mentioned and that is hemerhoids, which the cure I'm about to put forth also fixes. The belief is that cipro caused a candida outbreak. I was told it is an auto-immune deficency. Worse than after my kids were born. At first I would put it on intermittently during the day also, but I no longer need to.

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