762x54r maximum penetration range

Sure, my wife is small, so the m-4 is good for her. So how is it some wanna be know it alls think otherwise? I read sometime ago that both the U. Penetrated the front plate, core broke in the rear plate. AK47 is perfect for urban or dense woods. Click Here to See Specifications Click here for video. Article is has it completely bassackwards, and show us where the bad cartridge touched you, Dave?

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The AK, however, is trapped by the limits its design have imposed and the fact that the only viable commercial option is the 7. Usually only 4 to 6 inches in ballistic gelatin before disintegration. My breakdown is simple: My understanding was that ShKAS cases were strengthened around the base as there were early indicators of the rims being torn off on extraction? Thomas Everett Haynes says:

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By the by they will shoot end for end through a big mule deer, an 06 will not, I know this for a fact as have done it. It is ideal for suppressed SBRs. I also really enjoyed the slew of comments you just posted in reply and in some cases, as a telling riposte to several of the other forum members. At yds or less, I choose the AK. Soft point bullets work very well for most hunting applications as the exposed lead soft point initiates expansion to produce a mushroom-like shape, which enhances the lethal effect. Good enough for government work. Having the ability to punch through concrete is not always a good thing.
Natoma as we are not a hostile country then why did we go from the mini 14 to the m16a1 and a2. I thank you about that. Maybe I had a whisky drink, and a vodka drink, and a lager drink, and a cider drink. How may rebel forces any where in the world use the AR? Article is a bit weak on presenting facts backed with data and appears based mainly on speculation and opinion. Now as for the sks never had a jam and as for hunting up to meters it will cause more damage after that range not so accurate. This proven technology assures the right combination of shock effect and maximum penetration.

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